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8 Interesting Facts About Olives

Fact 1
It takes seven litres of olives to produce one litre of olive oil. About 90% of olives are used to produce olive oil and 10% for eating.
Fact 2
One cannot eat green or ripe olives directly from the tree unless they are treated with lye or cured either in brine or dry salt.
Fact 3
Olive trees produce small, egg-shaped fruit that generally grow to lengths of 1.5 centimetres to 2 centimetres.
Fact 4
Olives are actually fruits, despite commonly being regarded as vegetables. Interestingly, they belong to the lilac’s family.
Fact 5
The colour of olive fruit depends on the maturity of the fruit. Growing fruit’s colour is green, ripe fruit’s colour is dark purple.
Fact 6
Olive oil has more delicate flavour than regular vegetable oils, hence the world consumes 2.25 million litres per year.
Fact 7
Olives may have lots of sodium if packaged in salt water. However, they are a good source of vitamin E, iron, copper, and calcium.
Fact 8
Extra virgin olive oil is made by cold pressing olives. Regular olive oil is a combination of extra virgin olive oil and refined olive oil.
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