If one follows the Ketogenic diet, regularly called the Keto diet, one should remember that there are a few limitations. While this type of diet is a delightful way to lose weight and to live a healthier lifestyle, one of its disadvantages is that the dieter maintains a mostly low-carb lifestyle. One should not consume all types of drinks.

Despite this, one may want to go to happy hour with friends or to relish a cocktail at a party for a special event. When it comes to taking alcohol on the Keto diet, it is not incorrect to do so BUT one needs to be aware of a couple of things.

Reasons for Concern When Drinking During Keto

First of all, the Keto diet does not say that you should not drink any type of alcohol or liquor, but it advises against it. This is because alcohol can retard the weight loss advancement. As long as one adheres to the right types of drinks, one can still be able to remain in Ketosis but the progress can slow down slightly. That is why it is advisable to avoid having alcohol everyday but to limit its consumption to special occasions.

The reason for this is that when drinking something with alcohol in it, the liver begins to process it immediately. This is a fat burning procedure that often helps lead to the so called buzz from drinking alcohol. This can regrettably disturb the regular fat burning process of food. the resulting slow metabolism causes slow weight loss.

Take Low-Carb Alcohol

It is important to stick to only low-carbohydrate alcoholic beverages, whether you are going for liquor, a cocktail, or even a beer or a glass of wine. The following information is going to provide a bit more insight about the types what types of alcoholic drinks to enjoy while on the Keto diet.

Choosing the Correct Low-Carb Alcohol

When deciding to drink alcoholic beverages while on the Ketogenic diet, first try to find out what types of alcohol you can drink. Look for the lowest amounts of carbohydrates possible. Taking more carbs in the drink increases the risk of getting out of Ketosis. This also decreases the amount of carbs you can have with the rest of your meals on that day.

Straight Liquors Should Be The Best Option

One’s best option is to take clear liquors because they tend to have the least amount of carbs. Try 40% alcohol in clear liquors, such as vodka, gin, and white rum. One can also drink darker liquors after checking out the carb count before taking a shot or mixed drink. It is sad that good liquors scotch, whiskey, brandy, and tequila because they mostly have almost zero carbs for a single drink. Cognac is the exception because it has 2 carbs. It is ideal to have straight liquor, either as a shot or on ice, because mixers or chasers might contain more carbs.

Oh Wine, My Favourite.

Drinking wine is also an option as long as one counts the carbs and know what is in the chosen type of wine. It would be helpful to look them up online before ordering in a restaurant.

Wine with the lowest quantity of carbs per 5-ounce serving is champagne and sparkling white wine. They both have just 1.5 carbs per 5-ounce glass. One of the next best selections is pinot grigio at 3.2 carbs, then pinot noir and 3.4 carbs. Chardonnay and merlot have increased amounts with each having 3.7 carbs per serving. Cabernet (my most favourite) has about 3.8 carbs per serving.

Riesling contains a higher 5.5 carbs per serving. Ports and sherries are inclined to have even higher carbs. It is advisable to avoid them. A point to note is that dessert wines are usually sweeter have higher carbs.

What About Beer?

Some beers have less carbs than a glass of champagne or wine. This is the case for the so-called lite or low carb varieties of a number of popular beers. However, it is always good practice to look at the nutritional information of these beers before going for them.

Here are typical carb numbers of some of the beers in the USA that the reader SHOULD verify.

  • Bud Select only has 1.9 carbs per 12-ounce bottle or can.
  • Rolling Rock Green Light has under 3 carbs.
  • MGD 64 has under 3 carbs.
  • Michelob Ultra has under 3 carbs.
  • Miller Lite and Natural Light have between 3.1 and 3.2 carbs per serving.
  • Coors Light has over 5 carbs per serving.
  • Bud Light has over 5 carbs per serving.
  • Amstel Light has over 5 carbs per serving.

Mixers and Chasers That Can Be Had

Consider the cabs in mixers and chasers that are used with alcohol to avoid the possibility of getting out of Ketosis. Avoid mixers that have sugar in them. This goes for fruit juice and soft drinks, unless they are in sugar-free or diet versions and they are in very small quantities. Also look at diet tonic water, seltzer water, and diet bubbly water for drinks.

Which Alcohol and Mixers To Avoid?

Having established what can be taken during the Keto diet, we can now start to talk about what needs to be avoided. The reason for this is to assist us when we are out there partying or just having a good time with friends or family.


As stated in the preceding section, we need to avoid mixers that are not a diet, low-carb, no-sugar, or water version of a mixer or chaser. Cocktails regularly use mixers to increase the flavour of drinks to make them sweeter. Here are the mixers to avoid:

  • Syrup
  • Whiskey sour mix
  • Margarita mix
  • Grenadine
  • Blue curacao
  • Midori sour mix

Sweet Drinks

If you want to have alcoholics drinks with little or no carbs, avoid sweet wines and alcohols. Some of the drinks to avoid include sweet wine like sangria (unless you have an alternative version below, port, sherry, dessert wine, moscato, and zinfandel. Care should also be taken not to use juice, fruit in the cocktails, or syrups like coconut cream syrup, chocolate, and whipped cream.

Flavoured Liquor

A good way to choose on the best liquor is to avoid anything that has a fancy flavour. As an illustration, go for regular white rum instead of cherry-flavored rum, and go for plain vodka instead of the fancy ‘birthday cake’ vodka. These are full of sugar, which increases the amount of carbs they have. Alcoholic drinks such as Peach Schnapps and Bailey’s Irish Cream are usually a no-no while on a Keto diet.

Tips for Drinking While on a Keto Diet

Knowing what to drink is just the foundation of adding in some alcoholic beverages while on the Keto diet. There are also some other things to keep in mind before starting to drink. The following is a number of them.

Don’t take alcohol at the start of your Keto diet! It takes about 21 days to advance a new habit. As a minimum, wait until day 22 of the new Keto diet before adding in alcoholic beverages. By this time, the body and the mind should be used to the low-carb. Experts suggest that the longer one waits before one starts drinking, the better off one will be.

Be aware of hangovers! When you are on a Keto diet, your brain and your body respond in different ways. This includes being much more sensitive to stimulants like alcohol. You may realize that you get that fun buzz a lot faster, but your hangovers are also going to be harder to deal with. Get prepared by drinking lots of water in advance. Drink a glass of water before starting to drink and between drinks where more than one is taken. Try to take more water after the final glass of wine or cocktail.

Drink on an extremely Low-Carb Day. Try to eat lower amounts of carbs than normal on the day that is intended for alcohol drinking. This will help to avoid unintentional consumption of more carbs than the limit for the day. One of the ways to do this is to eat as many zero carb foods as possible before going to a party or a function.

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