You are not alone if you greatly like sweet-tasting foods from a sweet tooth. Unfortunately, many people try to control their sugar desires by taking sugar substitutes or artificial sweeteners that sound healthy but are really not. In this article, we look at how you can restrain your sugar cravings in a natural way.

The promising news is that there are several natural ways to curb sugar cravings without using a lot of chemicals or spending a lot of money.

The Natural Foods You Choose

Because we are what we eat, it should not be surprising that the more sugar we desire and eat, the more we want. This is a cruel cycle that has been compared to substance addiction.

Your selection of what you eat can help you in two ways. First, you want to satisfy the sweet tooth. Second, you need to choose foods that help regulate your blood sugar in a number of ways.

Naturally Sweet Vegetables

Vegetables are rich in fiber and have natural sweetness. For example, sweet potatoes, carrots, beets, and corn are naturally sweet and starchy. This means they take more time to digest and release their energy longer than sugary foods such as ice cream. That is why some foods are called low-carb and others slow-carb. While they may be higher in carbs, they may also help maintain constant blood sugar.

You can enjoy the sweetness of carrots on their own or in a cake like a carrot cake. You can also enjoy flavorful and roasted or microwaved sweet potatoes. 

Leafy Greens

While leafy green vegetables are low in carbs, they also make you feel full. Certain leafy vegetables also contain some minerals that regulate metabolism and can help sustain a steady supply of blood sugar throughout the day. Many people are not fond of broccoli’s taste, but it is a superfood that can help curb urges to eat more.

Medical News Today has an interesting article about green leafy vegetables that looks at their examples, benefits, side effects and how to add them to your diet.

Kale may look like just a food craze, but there is a lot of scientific research behind how it can also curb carb cravings. You can eat kale raw with other vegetables in salads or cook or steam it lightly to preserve its nutrients. I have a more detailed article that I compiled earlier about kale. It is called Kale: After The Trend.

Spinach is another superfood that can be eaten cooked or raw. It is wonderfully versatile as well, making it a perfect addition to omelets, quiches, and even the tops of homemade pizzas.


Almost all fruits are naturally sweet. So, add “an apple a day” to your diet as your dessert, for example, or some grapes. They are moist, sweet, and filling.

If you’ve been struggling with sugar cravings, add these foods to your diet as you remove processed foods and potentially harmful artificial sweeteners. Then see what a difference it makes to your level of carb consumption.

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