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Be prepared to go over a lot of information about the most nutritious foods in the world. Proper, informed nutrition can be the superfood that keeps you healthy. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has this wonderful has wonderful downloadable documents on Benefits of Healthy Eating for Adults and Benefits of Healthy Eating for Children.

The list below shows the top ten superfoods that most health experts agree about. As you enjoy these foods at your next meal, you must share the information with those you know. This power-packed nutritional checklist will take you into the best years of your life, from fruits and vegetables to whole grains, beans, legumes, and nuts.


1. Cantaloupe

Only a quarter of cantaloupe supplies nearly all the daily requirements of vitamin A. It has beta-carotene, an antioxidant that is extremely good for your eyes and skin. The body converts beta-carotene in a cantaloupe to vitamin A. This nutrient strengthens vision and may assist in lessening the risk of getting cataracts.

Cantaloupe, like an orange, is also an excellent source of vitamin C, which supports our immune system. Cantaloupe is also an outstanding source of vitamin b6, potassium, niacin, folate, and dietary fiber. Potassium helps maintain good blood sugar levels and metabolism. As a result, this pale orange power fruit may help lower our risk of stroke, cancer, and heart disease.

2. Blueberries

These mildly sweet (and occasionally tangy) berries offer a high ability to eliminate free radicals that can induce cancer. In addition, they are low in calories. They also provide antioxidant phytonutrients called anthocyanidins that improve the effects of vitamin C. The antioxidants may help prevent glaucoma, cataracts, cancer, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, peptic ulcers, cancer, and heart disease.


3. Tomatoes

On top of helping us fight against heart disease, tomatoes also help us fight against cancers such as breast, prostate, colorectal, lung, endometrial, and pancreas cancer. From tomatoes, we also get vitamins A, C, and K. A study conducted in 2004 found that tomato juice alone can help decrease blood clotting.

Fresh and organic tomatoes deliver three times the amount of carotenoid lycopene that helps fight cancer. Organic ketchup is also better for you than traditional ketchup. When buying, look for tomato pastes and sauces that contain the whole tomato, including peels. Your body will absorb twice the amount of beta-carotene and also absorb 75% more lycopene.

4. Sweet Potatoes

Besides being a wonderful source of vitamins A, C, and manganese, sweet potatoes are also an adequate source of vitamin B, copper, dietary fiber, iron, and potassium. In addition, this root vegetable can help protect us against emphysema. Therefore, consuming sweet potatoes can significantly benefit smokers and those prone to second-hand smoking.

Here is an idea for an unusual dessert. Cut a cooked sweet potato into cubes and slice a banana. Next, lightly pour maple syrup over the top and add a dash of cinnamon or two. To get a healthier portion, you can add chopped walnuts.

5. Kale and Spinach

A cardio helper, cancer-fighter, kale and spinach are the best leafy green vegetables. They are an excellent vitamin A and C source, just like broccoli. In addition, boiled kale is a surprisingly good source of calcium at 25% per cup. Vitamin K is abundant in spinach. Spinach has about 200% of the Daily Value that helps decrease the loss of bones.

Whole Grains

6. Whole Grain Bread, Brown Rice and Pasta

The first thing to inspect when buying whole grain bread and pasta is to be sure that it is 100% whole grain. Don’t forget to read the list of ingredients on the container. As an illustration, look for the precise phrase “whole wheat flour” as one of the first ingredients listed in whole wheat bread. It is not whole grain if it is not listed like that. Wheat bran is a grain that fights cancer and helps us regulate our bowel movements.

Brown rice is also better than the refined grain of white rice for the same reason as selecting whole wheat bread. Changing whole wheat flour or brown rice to white flour or white rice destroys between 50-90% of vitamin B1, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, iron, phosphorus, manganese and all of the dietary fiber and important fatty acids our bodies need.

“Enriching” processed white flour or white rice does not help much because it is still not the same as the original unprocessed type. In addition, the “enrichment” process does not replace the eleven nutrients that are lost and not replaced.


7. Walnuts

Walnuts are loaded with one of the “good” fats, omega-3. A quarter cup of walnuts would provide almost 90% of the daily requirement of omega-3s. As a result, walnuts offer many health benefits, including better cognitive function, cardiovascular protection, and anti-inflammatory advantages relating to asthma. The benefits also include protection against rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis. On top of supporting the immune system, they can also offer protection against cancer.

8. Black Beans and Lentils

Black beans and lentils are excellent sources of fiber that can lower cholesterol. In addition, the high fiber content in black beans and lentils assists in maintaining good blood sugar levels. Black beans and lentils can fill you up and don’t expand your waistline because they are fat-free, contain high-quality proteins, and have essential minerals and B vitamins.

To get a variety of beans and lentils, look at your grocery store for a bag of 15-bean mix that includes black beans, lentils, navy, pinto, red, kidney, and others. Think about making a delicious soup with this bean mixture with tomatoes, onions, garlic, and your favorite spices.


9. Skim Milk and Yogurt

Skim milk or low-fat milk helps promote strong bones. In addition, it provides an excellent source of calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin K. These nutrients help protect the body against bone loss, childhood obesity, migraine headaches, and premenstrual symptoms. They also protect colon cells against cancer-causing chemicals. Current studies also show that overweight adults lose weight, particularly around the midsection, when drinking low-fat dairies such as skim milk and yogurt.

Yogurt also contains essential nutrients such as protein, phosphorous, potassium, zinc, vitamin B2, vitamin B12, and vitamin B5. In addition, yogurt’s live bacterial cultures also provide a wealth of health benefits that may help us live longer and strengthen our immune systems.


10. Salmon

Salmon contains high amounts of protein, has low saturated fat, and a high content of omega-3 fats. These essential fatty acids are also found in the walnuts mentioned previously. Salmon promotes a healthy heart and is recommended to be consumed at least twice a week.

When choosing salmon, it’s best to avoid farm-raised salmon and select wild salmon instead. Research studies have shown that farmed salmon may cause cancer due to the possibility of it carrying high amounts of carcinogenic chemicals known as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs).


Green Tea and “Power” Water

Even though they are not food, the health benefits of these beverages are worth considering.

Compared to other teas, green tea has healthful phytonutrients and lower amounts of caffeine. As more research is conducted about green tea, more benefits are found. Green tea contains antioxidants that lower the risks of bacterial or viral infections, cardiovascular disease, cancer, stroke, periodontal disease, and osteoporosis. Green tea also fights cancer.

Water filled with vitamins or naturally sweetened fruit is also the newest trend. Some of these liquids offer a full day’s supply of vitamin C. Others promise no artificial sweeteners but offer a full, fruity taste.

The information above has shown that the top ten superfoods are worth considering. So, now that you know which foods can help save your life, there is nothing more important than investing in your health.

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