A superfood is the type of food that provides more than what appears on the nutritional label. Coconuts are a great example, but many people shy away from coconut oil because of its high saturated fat content. However, its fat is different, and it is good for you. Here is why.

Most saturated fat is of the type called long-chain triglycerides or LCTs. Eating foods high in this type of saturated fat taxes the whole GI tract, including the liver and pancreas. And they must be packaged with a carrier protein first for the body to metabolize them into energy effectively. 

However, the saturated fat in coconuts is comprised of medium-chain triglycerides or MCTs. Because they are smaller and don’t require a carrier protein, they are easily absorbed directly into the cells without stressing the GI tract or any organs. 

But that is only the beginning; besides being an easily absorbed source used for energy at the cellular level, its real value comes from its medicinal properties. It balances hormones, stabilizes blood sugar, stimulates the thyroid, increases metabolism, and helps burn fat. And with it being high in lauric acid, much the same as mother’s milk, it also has anti-everything properties: biotic, fungal, free radical, and viral!

With artificial antibiotics, the side effects can be an issue for some people. But unlike manufactured antibiotic medications, these provide the same results but with no side effects because they are natural products the body recognizes and knows how to process.

Coconuts come in many forms besides oil, including water, milk, and flake. Because of its high heat stability, it can replace your regular oil used in cooking. Use the milk in various foods, such as smoothies, shakes, and cream sauces. 

You can use it straight from the bottle by swallowing one to four teaspoons daily. Coconut flakes make a great snack by themselves or as part of a healthy fruit and nut trail mix. 

Coconut oil is not only good inside of your body but has many uses on the outside too. For example, it can be used as a shampoo, underarm deodorant, and as a healer of surface cuts and scrapes. It also reduces wrinkles and eliminates dry skin when used as a moisturizer after a bath or shower. 

Don’t let the high saturated fat level keep you from experiencing all the good things coconut products can do for you. Remember, it is a suitable type of fat that your body needs. So, try some coconut raw or as oil, milk, or water!

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