When consumed in small quantities, red wine can be considered a superfood that provides powerful antioxidants that heal the body at a cellular level. That is why the benefits of red wine are so plentiful when you consume it in moderation.

The Romans were one of the first to say it, “In Vino Sanitas,” which means “In Wine there’s Health,” and hey, they were absolutely right! Have you ever wondered how the French stay so thin but eat all those fatty foods made with butter, cream, bacon fat, and potatoes? Of course, they have a little wine with their meal, which makes it all better!

According to scientists, wine is loaded with an antioxidant called Resveratrol – and it is powerful enough to delay the aging process, help you with your weight, boost your energy level, and may even prevent cancer.

Resveratrol is found in plants and fruits and is used to ward off fungus and bacteria that attack and feed on the plants. It is in heavy concentrations in grapes, berries, plums, and even peanuts.

One of the theories researchers are working on proving is the belief that Resveratrol activates an enzyme found in most living organisms called SIRT1. This kind of enzyme is a potent protein in the body because, when Resveratrol activates it, SIRT1 begins the process of creating new mitochondria growth in cells.

Mitochondria are essential because they are like the battery of a cell. New mitochondria make the cells fresher, stronger and younger. They reverse the aging process at the cellular level!

This process leads to a faster metabolism, a decrease in heart attacks, diabetes prevention, and even possibly a reduction in cancer.

How do you know which wine to drink?

Resveratrol is concentrated in the skin of the grape. So, white wine will not have much of it because the skin is usually removed during fermentation. The length of fermentation of wine with the skin will also determine how much Resveratrol will be in the wine. So, a longer fermentation equals more Resveratrol.

If you have an acquired appreciation for muscadine wines (local wineries from the Eastern United States that used the muscadine grape), this is where you will hit pay dirt. It is packed with more Resveratrol than any other grape – but can you appreciate the taste?

Muscadine grapes aside, traditional red wines will have the mother lode of Resveratrol. In particular, Spanish reds have longer fermentation times with the skin, so they will typically have the most and be ever so delicious!

Eating blueberries, mulberries and raspberries will also give you a pretty good dose of the antioxidant if you are not into wines and grapes. If you are looking for more, then peanuts and natural peanut butter will also have some Resveratrol.

Supplements in vitamin form have also been produced, but keep in mind that there is very little clinical data proving that the body actually absorbs the nutrient. In addition, because it is a nutraceutical, the formulations will widely differ depending on who is manufacturing it. So, the supplement you take may or may not have enough of the active ingredient to affect your body.

Generally, it is always better to eat the foods with the nutrient you want.

Right now, pharmaceutical companies and biotech firms are all fast at work trying to understand the process and isolate the active molecule in Resveratrol that stimulates the SIRT1 enzyme in the body – but they are years away from making this happen.

Besides, why take a pill with side effects when you can tap into your inner bon vivant and have some wine, get a buzz and stay young?

Does it really get any better than that?

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