Right now, there is a good chance that your diet is highly deficient in ensuring you have the best possible health. In fact, there is a high probability that your diet may be causing harm to your body.

Some of the reasons our diets fail us are that we consume many empty calories and processed foods. That means that the food has spent significant amounts of time in factories and has arrived, bearing minimal resemblance to its original and natural state.

A good illustration is a bag of potato chips, which doesn’t tend to have many potatoes left in it. Also, chocolate is made from a cocoa bean, but the rest is purely processed. And ready-made lasagne will have had all its goodness fried out of it, and a lot of sugar, salt, and bad fats added to preserve it.

All this means that you are getting calories from your diet, but these calories will supply you with energy and, simultaneously, make you gain weight without nutrition.

Why Is Nutrition Important

The food we consume is more than the calories. Therefore, it is incorrect to confine food to its ability to provide fuel. Calories are fuel, and they just happen to be contained in what we eat.

Food is also expected to be a source of raw materials, despite being an instrument for socializing and a hobby. The adage that you are what you eat is very true. When you consume any food, your body will break it down into its constituent parts and then reassemble them to build your muscle, create enzymes and hormones and even produce neurotransmitters. These chemicals assist with brain function.

When you don’t get proper nutrients, you’ll feel worse than if you did. As an example, if you don’t get enough vitamin C, your immune system will not be able to perform at its best, and you will be much more likely to become ill. Worse, vitamin C is also essential for helping you to produce serotonin. Take that away, and your mood will plunge. Serotonin also helps us to sleep better.

Likewise, when you don’t get sufficient omega-3 fatty acid, it can cause inflammation, make your joints hurt, and create brain fog that could lead to you becoming sick.

A lack of amino acids will make your muscles weaker and smaller. It will also cause your skin to look grey and your nails brittle.

Even though the short-term issues are worth being concerned about, the more significant concerns should be what this would do to your health in the long term. The deterioration here is cumulative, and you will more likely suffer from various related diseases.

Here is What You Can Do

When you get to a lull in your weight loss journey, it is possible that might have lost all of the potential weight you can lose on your existing diet and exercise program.

The most significant thing to do is to stop looking at food as fuel. Instead, look at the quality of the makeup of the food you put into your body. Then, look for ways to get more nutritional food in your diet, even if this might entail adding a smoothie to your meals.

Here is something else that you might consider besides enjoying healthy smoothies for weight loss:

Look at the ingredients that go into your smoothies. Check out the amount of portions and review the frequency of consuming your food.

Be more on the lookout for calories. Some fruit might taste delicious but pack more calories than others. For example, Granny Smith apples have been found to have the least sugar content compared to other types of apples.

Augment your food and smoothies with workouts. I love swimming, and I have devised a program to swim regularly.

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