Many people start to drink smoothies because they have heard about their benefits online or from friends. Also, the word is spreading fast that these incredible drinks taste great and do wonders for our energy levels, immune systems, bones, muscles, and every facet of human health one can think about.

But what is not common is for people to be genuinely scientific in formulating their smoothies. Of course, smoothies are good for you, but it goes well beyond that. How smoothies are good for you depends entirely on what you put in them, which means one can create a smoothie with a particular goal once one knows what all the ingredients do.

To illustrate this, here are a few ingredients that all have one particular benefit; they improve your sleep significantly. You can combine a couple of these with other ingredients to make a generally healthy smoothie that boosts sleep.


Cherries are excellent for enhancing sleep because they provide us with a natural source of melatonin. To remind you, melatonin is the sleep hormone we produce in the brain when we are ready for bed. If you have more of this, you will become sleepier and sleep deeper. Melatonin is what you get in many of the most potent sleeping medications. If you get it from cherries, you can get it much more cheaply and without any unwanted side effects.


Milk is an excellent choice for your bedtime smoothie because it can make your sleep more restorative. That’s because milk contains healthy cholesterol; your body can use that to produce testosterone. The latter is vital for men because it helps with muscle formation, but it can also be beneficial in healing for everyone. Many of us also associate milk with bedtime from our youth; thus, it can be very soothing.


Based on his observations, health and fitness guru Seth Rogen recommended honey for sleep. This idea quickly took the web by storm. The theory is that honey is an excellent choice because we need energy while we are asleep; otherwise, we can wake up with low blood sugar and a headache that goes along with it. In addition, honey provides two sugars, fructose and sucrose, that are fast and slow. This means you’ll get energy right at the start of your sleep and later on when you are deeper into your sleep. Try adding a bit of honey to your milk smoothie and see the results.


Finally, strawberries are a good source of vitamin C and any source of vitamin C can significantly improve your sleep. That’s because vitamin C increases serotonin and your body converts serotonin into melatonin. Serotonin is also good for your mood, meaning you can feel rested and de-stressed before you doze off.

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