Once you have added the liquid, the base, the fruits, and the vegetables and mixed everything into a smooth drink, you might think your smoothie could be complete. However, you might want to be more innovative and clever and make something memorable and healthy. In that case, you can instead start using some exciting extra ingredients, tricks and twists.

Here is how you might want to get started.

Spices and Herbs

You can add one herb on top of your smoothie as a garnish or drop it inside to make it more appealing and provide a pleasant taste. One of the popular herbs to add is mint leaves because they go well with green and milky smoothies.

Spices are an even better option.

For adding a little sweetness, try using the spices of cinnamon and vanilla. While they might seem a logical choice for a smoothie, you can also be creative and add cooking spices to your smoothies. For example, you can try something different, like a bit of cayenne pepper, to give your smoothie a spicy kick. On top of adding the spicy touch, the pepper will also act as a thermogenic that will increase your heart rate and, consequently, your calorie burn.


Honey is an excellent choice if you are looking for a sweetener. Sure, honey possesses sugar and will not perform that well in a low-calorie or low-sugar diet. But it is also very healthy in many other ways, potentially fighting inflammation and acting as a fantastic cure for a hangover and a good supplier of antioxidants.


Consider ice to create a nice cool smoothie for a hot day. Ice can be added after a smoothie has been made, where the smoothie can have small blocks of ice tossed into a glass. Additionally, ice can be crushed and blended to create a slushy. Either way, this will be a lovely way to cool your smoothie and a delightful way to make it similar to an ice cream that would be wonderful for children.

Furthermore, a cold smoothie too can enhance your metabolism as your body tries to warm itself back up. Additionally, ice is an excellent way to revive yourself when you wake up!

Protein Shake

You can add a protein shake to your smoothie if you want to use protein to build up your muscles. The shakes taste delicious in milk-based smoothies. They also taste good, especially in smoothies with strawberries or bananas. These types of shakes can come in handy when you want to recover from training. They can also be helpful when used to reduce your diet, where you want to replace your meals to lose weight.

How about those Nuts?

If you want to embellish your smoothie with something appealing, sprinkling a couple of nuts on top can be a terrific way to do so. As an illustration, you can place walnuts on top for a Christmassy smoothie to improve the look of the smoothie while also supplying extra healthy nutrients such as zinc, magnesium and protein.

Finally, you can let your creative juices flow as you think about what else to make your smoothie more tantalizing.

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