It has occurred to me that I have written a lot about smoothies, but I have taken for granted that you know how to make one.

Smoothies are simple drinks made from a cocktail of different fruits and vegetables, often with a liquid and some creamy base added for reasonable measures.

Smoothies taste delicious. And what’s more, they also contain lots of goodness in the form of vitamins and minerals usually missing from our diets. So by adding a convenient smoothie to your diet and having this once a day, you can massively increase your overall health, body composition, immunity, and energy.

So, how do you make them?

1. Tools of the Trade

The first thing required is a smoothie maker or a blender. You will use the blender to mush up your ingredients into a pulp. It would help if you had something powerful to ensure this can be done quickly and easily. Also, think about how easy the smoothie will be to dispense and wash afterward. The Nutribullet is currently a top-rated product because it allows you to remove the top of the blender to take with you as a bottle.

2. The Liquid

After getting a blender, you need to choose a liquid. The liquid is what will make your smoothie runny and what will make it a drink. Next, add more liquid to make the smoothie more fluid, depending on your individual preference. Typically, you can add somewhere between one to two cups of liquid.

You can use the following liquids; juices, water, milk, ice and even tea. There are different benefits of each, so have a long hard think about which you want to try and how this will go with the other ingredients you have planned.

3. The Base

The next part is the base. The base is the main ingredient, which will provide the consistency of your smoothie or make it smooth. Again, it would be helpful if you chose something with the right creaminess that also offers good flavor and many health benefits. This base will likely be the most overriding flavor in the drink.

Popular choices include banana, mango, peach, avocado, yogurt and ice.

4. The Fruits

From there, you can pick your fruits, vegetables, and others. You can do this yourself and think about what is likely to work and what is not likely to work against the base and liquid you have chosen. Otherwise, you might select your fruits based on the different nutritional properties they can offer you.

If you are unwilling to experiment on your own, you can also try turning to a recipe instead. But, again, there are plenty on the internet, so you should not be stuck for stimulation for too long.

5. Extras

Finally, think about a few other extras to give your smoothie that extra kick. For example, you can add garnishes or nuts to make it pretty. Some of my preferred additional ingredients include ginger, turmeric, flaxseed, moringa powder, and spinach powder. Sometimes I can also add a little honey for sweetening.

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