Many different elements go into a smoothie.

The first of these is the fruit. The fruit gives the smoothie most of its flavor and goodness. You can then add other things like water and possibly honey.

But what is also highly important is that your smoothie should contain a base. The base will be a fruit or perhaps something else that supplies a robust flavor and a smooth and creamy texture. Choosing your base will often serve as your smoothie’s first building block, defining the strongest flavor and providing the smoothness that links the drink to its name.

By reading the passages below, we will see what makes a good base for a smoothie and which options are there.


Banana is conceivably the most popular smoothie base and the key ingredient in the most popular smoothie recipe: banana and strawberry. These two go perfectly together and offer considerable amounts of potassium to keep cramps away. Banana is also a great source of vitamin B6 and is generally very delicious and creamy.


Avocado is a prevalent health food right now due to numerous factors. The avocado’s most significant benefit is that it contains healthy saturated fat. Fats have recently been vindicated as it has been shown that they have nothing to do with heart disease or many other conditions they were previously accused of.

What is more, is that avocado is delicious and very creamy. It also is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acid, one of the most impressive nutrients for its ability to improve communication between cells, combat inflammation, and more!


Mango smoothies are perfect for summer days when you want something really sweet and delicious. Mango is very smooth, has a great texture, and is a great source of numerous vitamins and minerals. In particular, it is an excellent place to get your vitamin C.

Peanut Butter

Not all your bases have to be fruits and vegetables. A somewhat different option is to choose peanut butter, which will provide you with lots of magnesium and zinc, healthy sugar, and a good serving of protein. This is helpful for those who want to build muscle. Combining it with other protein sources, like a protein shake, can significantly aid muscle building.

Protein Shake

Or why not add the protein shake itself? Doing this will add even more protein to your mixture and often add a lot of delicious flavors. Note that many protein shakes are high in fats and carbs, so you should check the back of your shake before adding it to your healthy drink. Instead, choose a plain whey protein and add your flavor by making it into a delicious smoothie!

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