When you create your smoothie, you might be super excited as you think about all the various types of fruits and vegetables you can use. These ingredients will influence your drink’s prominent flavor and provide most of the goodness, so no wonder it is exciting letting those creative juices flow.

But while you are at it, try not to overlook the boring part of your smoothie, the liquid. The liquid might be water, but it is one of the most critical ingredients in the mix. And actually, this area allows for a bit of creativity too.

The Function of the Liquid

Your liquid’s role is to provide the fluidity of your drink. This makes it a drink; otherwise, it would be a kind of strange mash. But, of course, you can decide whether you prefer a smoothie that is very runny or a bit thicker, so choosing the quantity of your liquid is going to be a big area where you can influence the outcome immediately.

At the same time, your fluid will also make your smoothie hydrate while affecting the flavor itself. As we’ll see later, some liquids can significantly impact the smoothie’s functions and tastes.

The Liquids You Can Use


Boring old water is possibly the best pick of a liquid if you want your smoothie to hydrate optimally. It also helps some ingredients to dissolve and improves your digestion. Moreover, its plain flavor allows you to be more experimental when combining fruits and vegetables later. Therefore, water is an excellent pick for green smoothies.


You can also add tea to the smoothie. The tea might be iced tea, or it might be green tea. Another benefit of tea is that its caffeine content will make your tea more energizing. Furthermore, it also has potent antioxidant and neuroprotective properties. By the way, tea tastes delicious!


Ice will make your smoothie a bit colder and feel like a nice sipping cocktail. When you mix the ice, you can make a type of slush puppy that is a lot of fun and a good way for parents to get their kids to drink smoothies. What’s more, the coldness of ice gets your body’s metabolism to work overtime. Therefore, the body will have an increased metabolism with a thermogenic effect that will cause increased fat burning and weight loss.


Adding milk to the smoothie is a beautiful way to completely change the flavor and make the smoothie considerably smoother and creamier. In addition, because milk is a source of fat, this can improve your absorption of various nutrients, especially fat-soluble vitamins. It can also provide a great source of protein and healthy cholesterol that can boost testosterone and calcium.

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