When creating a smoothie, you might think of what fruits and ingredients you want. Arguably though, you might be missing out on the real point of your smoothie by looking at it this way. So instead, why not think about your smoothie in terms of what it can do for you? And more specifically, in terms of what excellent nutrients you can get from it?

This is where the smoothie’s charm comes in, and it is how it delivers its excellent benefits for your energy, immune system, and more. So what nutrients can you expect from a smoothie, and what are the best ones to look for? First, look at a few good nutrients you can get from vegetables and fruits.

Omega 3

Omega 3 fatty acid, an essential nutrient for our brain health, is found in avocados and nuts. Omega 3 assists with the improvement of the cell membrane porosity of our brain cells. This permeability allows more things to pass through the neurons’ walls, making them communicate more quickly and effectively.

Another advantage of omega 3 is its reduction of inflammation. It does this by reducing the amount of omega 6, which most of us have too much of. In addition, the process can reduce brain fog, enhancing omega 3’s status as brain food. It can also help reduce swelling and combat many aches and pains.

Vitamin C

Most of us know about Vitamin C. However, they do not realize the extent of the good it can do to the body.

Vitamin C is, first and foremost, an excellent nutrient for enhancing your immune system. That means fewer colds and cases of flu and fewer sicknesses in general. In addition, by increasing serotonin levels, Vitamin C also helps fight stress. Therefore, things like apples and oranges are a great pick-me-up and highly beneficial for improving sleep and muscle growth.

Vitamin C is also an antioxidant that neutralizes free radical molecules, the excess of which can damage cells. Vitamin C also supports the body’s immune system by stimulating the activity of white blood cells.


Resveratrol is a potent antioxidant, meaning that it can help to combat free radicals. This is excellent news because free radicals will otherwise roam around the body and damage cells, eventually leading to the signs of aging and even causing cancer.

Resveratrol is among many nutrients in your smoothies that can help serve this role, but it can also significantly enhance mitochondria’s function. This is important because mitochondria provide you with energy and ATP. If you have more mitochondria, you will be more energetic and feel more vibrant. You can get Resveratrol from your red grapes.


Zinc is an essential mineral that stimulates testosterone production, assists in neuroplasticity, helps us get to sleep, and even enhances our sense of smell.

These are just a few nutrients, and countless others out there have just as many benefits!

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