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Throughout my adult life, I’ve had a niggling heart problem. Just after I finished my studies at Syracuse University, I saw a cardiologist in New York City who told me that I have a “slight murmur” and a heart that is slightly large. Back in South Africa, in the past couple of years, the pain from the heart has increased, sometimes alarmingly. Since New York City, I have seen three general practitioners and two other cardiologists and none of them have been able to sort out my chest pain, except to confirm that my heart muscles are slightly bigger than normal.

Our health and wellness changes as we move along the stages of our lives. We experience both good and bad stimuli that affect how well or how bad we live.

Normally, we always try our best to be in the best form of wellbeing. To stay healthy, we strive to follow lifestyles that promote good health and, consequently, lead to fewer disease and illnesses. Some of us even take part in various physical activities so that we can advance the existing and future levels of our health.

When thinking about what it means to be healthy, we oftentimes confine our thinking to what is considered to be the four components of fitness, notably cardiopulmonary capability, muscular capability, suppleness, and body composition. We forget that being physically fit needs to be complemented by other areas to move us towards better health.

According to the National Wellness Institute [1], wellness is said to be comprised of about six different dimensions, namely physical, social, emotional, occupational, intellectual and spiritual. This website deals only with the physical part and leaves other aspects to other subject matter expects.

Even before the global pandemic of COVID-9 hit us, our bodies had already been experiencing immense pressure from other non-viral sources like socio-economic, environmental and a host of other related stressors. I find this to be a compelling reason for me and you to look at our health and find good ways to keep it good through various methods that will be constantly presented on this website.

We now understand that living a healthy life has evolved to include more than merely being physically active and fit. Within the context of what I will be presenting on this site, health includes a structured approach that includes good eating, fending infections off, boosting our immune systems and so on.

We are setting up this site to research and capture ways in which we can improve our health an keep it at the top. This site is currently under construction. You can bookmark it to follow us as we expand it with more content on topics like healthy diets, respiratory health, immune systems and other related sources of information on good health.

We will be presenting information from medical doctors and other health specialists. We will share their articles, videos and experiences that could be used to improve our chosen segments of health and wellness.

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