About Me

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Hello my friends!

I am Jeff Moji – an engineer, an information technologist, an agriculture enthusiast and a general entrepreneur. The most important aspect of what I really like doing is improving my wellness and I suspect that you also do so.

Some of My Health Goals:

  • Body Mass Index: 25
  • Resting Heart Rate (bpm): 50
  • Target Weight (kg): 75

More About Me

I Research Health and Fitness Topics

COVID-19 and its complications have had me thinking hard about improving my health and wellness. I believe I can overcome my challenges of staying the course on diets and exercises. This is where you can come in. I am creating a community of health enthusiasts and experts who will also participate.

Since COVID started, I have researched and compiled over 100 blog articles. I will continue to add more as we go along.

My Relationship With Food

As I grow older, I need energy from healthy food sources to keep me active throughout the day. I need nutrients to repair my body. I also need a healthy diet to help prevent diet-related illness. These illnesses include but are not limited to some cancers, heart attack, stroke and easily broken bones.

See my blogs on diets, immunity, infections and future blogs from contributing experts.

My Relationship With Exercising

Exercising augments healthy diets by helping my body manage blood sugar and insulin levels. Exercise can also lower my blood sugar level and help my insulin to work better. It assists to improve my mental health and mood. I am also able to keep my thinking, learning, and judgment skills sharp as I age.

I use exercise programs from darebee.com – check them out HERE.

Some of My Exercises

I am being treated by a Biokineticist for a stubbornly sore lower back. Before I do her tailored stretches, I start with a low-intensity cardio workout for about 30 minutes. My favourite is the DAREBEE Total Burn program that can be done at home.

The program is designed for those who want to add circuit-training style cardio to their other routines.

I Get Regular Massage Therapy

Massage is usually considered part of integrative medicine. My massage therapist can be found on the Facebook page The Best You. She complements my standard treatment for my sore back.

The BENEFITS are: Reduced stress and increased relaxation • Diminished muscle soreness and tension • Improved circulation, energy and alertness • Lowered heart rate and blood pressure • Improved immune function.

Some of My Readings

This Number 1 Best Seller is about the doctor’s strong arguments for proactively taking care of our health instead of waiting to be sick and then seeking medical intervention. He advocates for minimising stress, eating natural food, exercising, fixing our body frame and detoxing.At the time of writing, I have completed reading the main sections of the book (92%) and I’m on citations, supplement guide and challenge workbook.

I Love Swimming!

From 2015 until 2020, I used to swim in a 50 metre indoor pool. At the peak of my swimming, I did 40 laps at a reasonable pace.

When COVID-19 hit us, the pool was temporarily closed and I also stopped. I plan to slowly get back with the Speedo programs from the internet, that guide you from a STARTER, to INTERMEDIATE  and then to being an ADVANCED swimming.

Are you also a health enthusiast?

Please make a comment on my blogs or drop me a note.